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Version History

Here's a selective version history, in reverse order:

1.20Mar 15 
  • Added more detailed mapping of surnames & forenames in Scotland, down to district level (previously to county level only).
  • Coastlines re-worked in greater detail.
  • Several corrections to alignment of county/district boundaries; improvements to syntax & placement of some area labels.
  • Further 'default' views added (Scotland, Wales).
  • Reference table of Scottish districts included.
  • Added tables of the most frequent surnames in each county.
  • Surnames & forename datasets rebuilt so as to exclude ships in port (which slightly distorted mapping of names in coastal districts).
1.11Jan 13 
  • Wildcard searches: previously not supporting wildcards at start and end of string, e.g. *brother*. Fixed. Prevented wildcard searches with less than 3 characters in search string; made warning about slowness of wildcard searches pop up earlier.
  • Advanced searches: deleting successive items from the list box down to zero items with 'Clear Selected' leaves the Update button ungreyed, clicking it caused crash message. Fixed.
1.10Feb 11 
  • Overall program screen dimensions increased to 1000x700 such that needs 1024x768 minimum screen dimensions. Main map image now 500x500 (56% larger).
  • More modern look & feel (XP style).
  • Title tab renamed 'Home'. New design with larger graphic.
  • Print tab renamed 'Output'.
  • General change of program interface colour-scheme, green -> blue. Opening map now buff.
  • New round "Display Map" buttons.
  • Improved (coloured) range selector on Configuration tab.
  • Selection panel for sea colour (Configuration tab) moved to Sea & coastline' section.
  • Bugfix where a surname only present in Scotland. (previously it didn't empty a PLU listing, if present)
  • Automated selection of surname variants (Advanced Surname Search) now based on Nominex system.
  • Clipboard export allows key to be exported (with map or separately).
  • New 'Reference' tab with tables of County/PLU figures.
  • Results tables now include County/PLU populations and Banwell Numbers.
  • Results tab allows display of numbers as coloured-coded histogram bars.
  • 'County Surnames' selection tab added.
  • Surname/Forename ranking columns added to main scrolling name tables.
  • Correction to Cumberland county boundary.
  • Corrected alignment of various County/PLU boundaries - London, S.Wales, Devon/Somerset etc.
  • Improvements to syntax & placement of some area labels.
  • Alderney not filled when PLU selected - fixed.
  • Suppression of some labels until zoomed in - especially the London area.
  • Maximum zoom percentage now 5,000% (mainly affects London).
  • Web address on Home tab made clickable.
  • Added a check for a previously running instance of the program.
  • Help file content reviewed and updated; more illustrations added.
1.06Sep 09 
  • Replaced back-end database, mainly to avoid start-up error Network initialisation failed (can happen with Windows Vista & Windows 7).
Help File
  • New HTML-style help.
1.00Apr 03 Initial release.

updated Apr 2015

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