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Surname Atlas v1.2
  To upgrade from earlier versions, please return front card insert with order
GenMap UK v2.4
Upgrade from GenMap v1.0 *





LDS Companion v2.2 £18.00 $35.00 $40.00 $40.00 €30.00  

* If you already have GenMap UK v2.0+, further upgrades are free. Please see the 'Upgrades' page.

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United Kingdom

Sterling Cheque preferred, made payable to  'S. M. Archer'.

PayPal is also acceptable, please email for details.

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If you live outside the UK but want to use a sterling bank account, please refer to the UK prices shown above and add £2.00 to the total order to cover additional airmail postage - e.g. Surname Atlas would be £17.00.

For countries not shown in the table, please email for pricing.


If you prefer to pay by credit card, there are alternative suppliers of these programs who can help you - see the respective 'Supply Details' pages.

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