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What the Users Say

Below are shown some comments received from users of the program:


"Great program! Wish I had known about it earlier, converting IGI text files to Excel by hand is not for the faint-hearted!"

Colin Blanshard Withers

"What can one say - you've done it again! Converted my multitude of 1881 rtf files in 11.5 secs. Removed duplicates almost as quick. Would have taken me days to do otherwise. Another satisfied customer!"

John Samways
Cricklade, Wilts

"Much to my delight my wife gave me a copy of LDS Companion (version 1.10). I have found it easy to use and immensely helpful in working with the 1881 census, the 1851 3 county census and the British Isles Vital Records Index. I can't think of many programs of equal quality that are available for as little as 16. I look forward to using it on the IGI at some point. Many thanks."

Robin Holmes
High Wycombe

"Excellent product - perfect for one-name study"

Ian Walker

I would like your latest upgrade to LDS Companion. I really use it a lot. ..... Thank you so much. You are doing us a great service."

LaRae Clinger
Shelley, Idaho

"Thanks for your prompt response to my problem. Downloaded V1.14 and it works like a charm. Great work!"

Rick Butler
Nova Scotia

"We have given LDS Companion a good tryout. My husband, (who is heavily involved in IT - mainly satellite image processing & scientific programming) is very impressed with the design, functionality & ease of use. He hardly ever bothers to read manuals (except when he's in deep trouble) and was very much at home with the program pretty well straight away"

Elizabeth Pickup
New South Wales

"Bought above from S&N and am very pleased with it. It really does overcome the shortcomings of the LDS viewer."

Mike Lavender

"Thanks Steve, This program is worth its weight in gold :-)"

Dave Pacey

"Many thanks for your speedy reply. I have now used the LDS Companion for conversion of some IGI data and also for doing some work on the 1881 census. It is a very impressive package and complements the LDS data perfectly. I was particularly impressed at the way it removed the duplicate entries.
For those of us who like to use databases and spreadsheets to organise data it is a godsend. I had collected my data over the last two decades into such packages and was frustrated by what appeared to be a lack of transferability between the different formats. Your programs go a long way to resolving that. Perhaps one day the non-database Gedcom to XLS/DBF program will be written! Many thanks and best wishes."

Peter Hendy-Ibbs

"I find the program very helpful as I volunteer at the local Family History section of my local library. Thanks."

Ken Barlow
Davoren Park,
South Australia

"It's really a great program - since the FamilySearch site came up I don't use the IGI CD-ROMs any more, so I now use it mainly for the three Vital Records Indexes and the 1881 census, all of which I have at home. Thanks again."

Tony Woodward
Ottawa, Canada

"Thanks for a great program. it has saved me a lot of time working with LDS family history resources."

Garry Howard
New Zealand

"Thanks very much for the update. The more that I use the program, the more impressed I am. The 'duplicate search' is particularly helpful. Best wishes."

Mike Walton

8 January 2003

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