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File Viewer

LDS Companion includes a file viewer that can show you the results of a conversion. It can display dBase III, Lotus 1-2-3 and ASCII files. From the file viewer you can perform several other operations:

  • Print reports (separate page, see 'Report Printing' link at left)
  • View individual records
  • Search for, tag and remove duplicate records
  • Manually tag/untag individual records, up to the whole file
  • Tag records matching certain criteria
  • Sort the display (up to four key fields)
  • Export tagged records to a Gedcom file

Report Printing

The Report Printing facility allows you to select the record to print, and gives a choice of Page Orientation, Font, Margins etc. It allows you to add a title, and to preview the page before printing.

This shows an example Report Preview screen:

Report Preview

Example Report Preview screen,
showing census data grouped on households

8 January 2003

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