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User Testimonials

Below are shown some comments received from users of GenMap UK. See also the list of Review Articles.


"I really enjoy using GenMap, publish much of my work with it, and we strongly recommend it to our postgraduate students. Thank you very much indeed for it."

Prof. Keith Snell
Centre for English Local History
University of Leicester

"Brilliant. Installed no problem and straight in importing data & mapping in minutes. Results great. Your program must be one of the best kept secrets in the genealogy world."

John Samways
Cricklade, Wilts

"By the way, the GenMap is superb; I cannot get over the way it is presented - congratulations."

Brian Conduct

"I have received his Gen-Map package and am enjoying experimenting with it. I can heartily recommend it to one-namers as distribution of surnames is something we are all interested in.
One aspect that I appreciate is the built in gazetteer with geo-coded references. With one file of 2176 births there were only 17 queries - I have no county field so the queries were mostly of the type "Bradford, Yorks or Bradford elsewhere?" (The volume field tells me where the county is.)
That geo-coding is very rewarding because I knew many of these births occurred in Yorkshire but, after running Gen-Map, now know they were all in the west/west-central parts of the West Riding and not in vast acreages to the east. Thanks again for members' help."

Ash Emery
South Africa
[posted to Rootsweb]

"It arrived in the post and I am very pleased with it. It really does help focus attention."

Gerald Cooke

"I have now received and installed GenMap UK and am busy plotting in Scottish place-names. I find it a brilliant piece of software and very easy to use, too.... I will be only too happy to recommend GenMap UK to other potential users. All the best."

Dr Peder Gammeltoft
University of Copenhagen

"Thank you for the software, which I have loaded and used without any problems. I have created a map based on the BELLINGHAM surname and its distribution in the 1881 Census, which was one of the main reasons why I obtained the software from you. Again many thanks."

Syd Bellingham
Stone, Staffs

"The programme is proving to be very useful. Please keep me up to date on any changes/updates."

Fay Twydell

"Many thanks for designing such a useful programme as GenMap which I recently received from you, I am certain to find much usefulness in it. As you suggested I have found no problem in exporting database file from MS Access in dBase format which it uses perfectly."

Rob Turner

"Excellent program. I shall use it to plot distributions of my Lanfear one name study for display on the web page. Saving maps as graphics files would be very useful. At present I am resorting to a screen capture program."

Timothy Lanfear

"I have now had the opportunity to get to know most of the features of GenMap and I am most impressed with the program.
At present I have only imported data from dBase files which has been very successful."

Henry Greathead

"This is just a note to say that we think your programme is excellent. My wife is using it for a one-name study and is intending to try and use it as a guide to the IGI coverage in Yorkshire. As requested in the note that came with the programme we enclose our E-mail address."

Wendy Georgeson
St Helens

"No trouble in installing. Everything worked fine. Can print map on my letter size printer, Panasonic KX-P3125, 24 pin colour. Very pleased with the program..... Will be using it for genealogy and for my geography classes."

William L. West, III
Houston, Texas

"The package arrived yesterday without getting caught in the clutches of the customs men - thanks! Spent an hour or so fiddling with them last night and they are great - do exactly what I want."

Colin Jermy
University of Natal, Durban

"Just a note to say how pleased I am with Genmap. So far I have used it to produce a couple maps from my Pedigree database and from an Excel spreadsheet, and very good they look too. Best wishes."

Mike Denwood

"Many thanks for the software received earlier this week. I found it easy to install and have just completed my first dot distribution map - showing the domicile of the testators of all the surviving wills from Warwickshire proved between 1400 and 1540 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury."

Geoff Wolfe

"Just to say how pleased I am with the GenMap and LDS Companion programs. I will be demonstrating GenMaps at the FH fair at Preston (ex Stockport show) on Saturday. Thanks again for the superb programs that you have supplied to us."

Peter Joslin

"I have got a copy of your excellent program, purchased a couple of years back from S&N Supplies......
I have produced some interesting maps of the Guy family for the southern counties with data from the IGI."

Martyn Guy

"GenMap is a very good program, and I look forward to meeting the latest incarnation. Thanks very much!"

Irene M Redpath
Penicuik, Midlothian

"Thank-you for your e-mail following my purchase of GenMap. My initial reactions are favourable. There are certain changes I would welcome, but that no doubt applies to most programmes we use. I will send you my thoughts in due course, but I am still working my way through the programme. I will also send you a small selection of maps I have put together. Nothing to do with family history."

Peter Donovan

"Your program came in very useful with a project I did for a course in genealogy. I'm in the process now of mapping the rest of my surnames..."

Rob Partridge

"Excellent piece of software, I have already used it in my Open University degree course. Only suggestion to date is the be able to rename the export file as I have used this a number of times to use Genmap to locate the grid references, then output the table and import it into a Access DB in order to calculate distances.
I also look forward to the promised ability to print to the clipboard in a future release."

Nick Ellis

"Over the years I have used this map for my family tree, and recruiting patterns of British Army units. It has aided and helped me understand the patterns of life. Very important tool."

Chris McGlynn

"Mapping amateur radio contacts around the country - especially interesting with the terrain relief displayed you can see how it effects propagation! Great versatility - great program!!"

Kevin Jennings

last updated 30 November 2015

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