Review Articles

GenMap UK v2

The following review articles have appeared:

  • Pre-release review by Graham Fidler, in Net That Surf (Newsletter of the FHS of Cheshire Computer Club), Jun 2002 pp.10-13.
  • Two-page review by John Hanson, in the UK's Family Tree magazine, November 2003 pp.42-43. Includes four screenshots and example maps.
  • Review in the UK's Your Family Tree magazine, Issue 46, January 2007 p.73. Includes three screenshots.


GenMap UK v1

A number of review articles were published following the launch of GenMap UK v1 in 1997, and these are listed below. Three of these are available to download as graphical images of the original magazine pages- just click on the hyperlinks. For ease on downloading, each article is packed into a single ZIP file, which unpacks (with WinZip or PKZIP etc.) into a number of TIF files. You will need a graphics package that can read TIF file (such as PaintShop Pro) to view and/or print them.

  • Program launch review by Robert Clayton in the UK Family Tree magazine, May 1997 pp.27-28. Click here to download a copy (REV1.ZIP, 436k, unzips to two TIF files)
  • Brief mention in Family Tree, Jun 1997 p.30, as part of David Hawgood's review of the program BIRDIE.
  • Review in PAF News, Jul 1997 pp.76-78.
  • Brief mention in Family History Monthly, Sep 1997 p.33, by David Tippey.
  • Two-part review by Graham Fidler, in FHS of Cheshire Computer Club newsletter, Sep 1997 pp.9-13, and Dec 1997 pp.8-12. Click here to download a copy (REV2.ZIP, 863k, unzips to six TIF files)
  • Review by Robert Howard in Local History Magazine, Sep/Oct 1997 pp.31-32.
  • Review by David Cufley in the Journal of One Name Studies, Oct 1997 pp.91-92.
  • Review by David Hawgood in Computers in Genealogy, Dec 1997 pp.178-82. Click here to download a copy (REV3.ZIP, 409k, unzips to two TIF files)
  • Description in IGI on Computer, a book by David Hawgood (1998), pp.23-24.
  • Review by Andrea Johnson in The Genealogist, the magazine of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, Mar 1998 pp.3-4.

30 January 2007

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