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From earlier releases of v2

The current revision is v2.31 (Jan 17).

There's no charge for upgrades within the version 2+ product line. These cover bugfixes, improvements to gazetteer/help files, etc.

If you have an earlier copy of GenMap UK v2 (2.00-2.30) you can obtain the latest revision at no extra charge - please email for details. It would be helpful to identify whether you bought the program direct from Archer Software or not. However, if you bought the program from a third party supplier (e.g. S&N), again please ensure that you have registered the product.

From v1

If you have version 1 of GenMap UK you can purchase version 2.31 direct from Archer Software at a 50% discount, i.e. for £15.00 (includes UK postage & packing).

If you originally purchased from a 3rd-party supplier and want to take advantage of the discount, no problem. But please ensure that you returned the A5-size Registration Form (E-mail if not sure).

Revision History

[Jan 17]

[1] Importing: Yellow information message panels in Import Wizard not always dislaying correctly.
[2] Importing: When importing CSV file created in Excel, gives a more explicit message if the file still open in Excel (sharing error).
[3] Importing: Fix error message where a selected Access MDB file is aborted and another selected.
[4] Printing Table Report: wrong page printed when page two or greater is printed individually.

[Nov 15]

[1] More modern Windows appearance; some dialogues larger.
[2] Internal help system now switched to HTML help.
[3] More detailed coastline mapping & revisions to many county boundaries.
[4] Screen capture - new dialogue allows more detailed & higher resolution exported map images, ideal for incorporating in printed output.
[5] Map key can now be exported via clipboard.
[6] Gazetteer: Many additions.
[7] Table export: added fields Group, Cty74, Custom.

[1] Improved positioning of maps in map window (especially on computers with higher resolution screens).
[2] Importing: minor bugfixes to Gedcom import.
[3] Improved symbol sizing on print preview & printed output.

[Apr 14]

Floodfill maps - not printing correctly when source field set to 'Group' - fixed.

[Jul 13]

[1] Certain files causing a 'range check' error when loading under Windows 7.
[2] Group Combo in 'Edit Record' dialogue - suppressed display of any redundant repeated entries in drop-down list.

[Jan 07]

Comes with a later version of InstallShield, compatible with MSI (Microsoft Installer). This should get around any problems with installing under Windows 7, 8, or Vista - e.g. the error message "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running".   Click here for further notes on Vista / Windows 7.

[1] Importing: Added ADO support, allowing Access 2000 and 2003 files to be imported; Common foreign country names are screened out, also the names of states in the USA; Recognises some regional names in the UK, such as Wirral, Holland, Kesteven etc; where town matches its county, e.g. Nottingham: improved recognition for Irish counties (English/Scottish counties already included). Mainly affects Gedcom imports; Several other tweaks to improve placename recognition.
[2] Symbol Plotting: a symbol is now plotted if there’s a valid map reference, even if there's no valid county / state code.
[3] Missing Data: For floodfill maps, added an extra colour fill for areas with missing data, enabling these to be distinguished for zero values. Defaults to grey for new maps. Can set an associated text string for display on the printed key.
[4] Gazetteer: Many additions, including many places from 1881 census. City of London parishes located more accurately.
[5] Line Widths for coastline, county etc. Revised downwards & added a hairline setting that's always 1 pixel wide on any printer.
[6] Online Help: improved, with more graphics added.

[1] Importing: Re. database files with placename+map reference only, no county. Previously, if the Geocoding failed then no county was assigned, and consequently no spot plotted on the map. Fixed.
[2] State Boundaries: Eng/Wls and Eng/Sct boundaries previously omitted where only England plotted. Fixed.
[3] Table Reports: Custom Text not appearing on reports. Fixed.

[Nov 03]

Improvement to zooming function, allowing a rectangular area to be defined with the mouse.

[1] 'File > Print Table Report' renamed as 'File > Print Table' and re-directed to the Print Preview window (was previously generating an 'Access Violation' error); [2] Table printing pagination was wrong. Fixed. [3] Gazetteer SmartSearch: failed to find Drayton, for example, when user entered *Drayton*. Fixed; [4] Font for Registration District area labels was being set the same as for county labels when printing; [5] Importing ASC/CSV file and using area-only option (County, R/Dist). Previously didn't work; [6] Gedcom import: accepting records with Australia etc. as country name [email from Peter Beckett, 7.3.03]. Fixed. [7] Importing: Doubling-up on first logical record fixed; [8] 'Table > Renumber' was previously displaying all columns after a re-number rather than respecting the selected display columns. [9] Map scale more accurate than before; [10] 'GenMap UK' titling placement on splash screen improved to work better when Windows large fonts are used. [11] Vertical spacing of symbols on 'key' dialogue (poly-symbols only) fixed.

[Sep 02]

[1] Program was crashing when importing a second GED file, because it was defaulting to DBF filetype when invoking import wizard. Fixed. [2] Setting of items on Page 6 of the Import Wizard could be wrong, especially for county only, etc; [3] Minor wording changes to some dialogues.

[Sep 02]

Initial release.

18 January 2017

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