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What's New in Version 2?

Launched in autumn 2002, GenMap UK v2 is now a 32-bit program, supporting long filenames etc., and running under Windows 95 and later. Compared to v1.0 (released 1997), these are some of the enhancements it offers:

Style Gallery dialogue

The 'Style Gallery' dialogue

  • A graphical Style Gallery (above) to allow choice of basic mapping style
  • A second type of point (dot-distribution) map option, allowing choice of different symbol shapes, colours and sizes, as well as user-defined bitmap symbols. Examples of these styles are given on the Mapping Styles page.
  • Floodfill maps based on 1881 Registration District boundaries (England & Wales only)
  • Option to add relief (hills/mountains)
  • Resizeable map/table windows
  • Long filename support
  • New, tabbed-style dialogues with on-screen tips
  • Several graphical export options, including copy to clipboard, creation of BMP/GIF files and/or creation of HTML pages for websites
  • Customised symbol annotation
  • Facility to make text annotations directly on to the map
  • Ability to move added text with the mouse
  • Freehand lines and arrows on maps
  • Wizard-style tool for importing external files. The place recognition engine has been largely rewritten and significantly improved. Support has been added for importing MS Access 97, Paradox and CSV files. There is good support for external files created by LDS Companion; the Wizard allows preview of external files prior to import, and creates a log file for each import run.
  • Auto-consolidation of identical places on import, also when editing the table
  • Support for various fill styles on floodfill maps and different line widths/styles
  • Tool to measure distances between places
  • Footnote and scale can be added to the printed page
  • Dialogue to display lists of Counties and Registration Districts
  • More flexible tabular reports
  • New gazetteer tools such as add/delete entry, a "Smart Search" tool, 'Find Nearest' tool
  • Recent file history available from File menu
  • File association support (i.e. launch program and load file by clicking on .GMP filenames in Windows Explorer)
  • Improved support for larger paper sizes
  • Completely new Windows-95 style online help
  • Several self-running tutorials, running straight from the program CD-Rom.
  • Conversion utility for converting GenMap v1.0 files to v2.0
  • Improved and fully illustrated 48-page user guide


If you already have ver 1.00+ of GenMap UK, you can obtain the latest version direct from Archer Software at a 50% discount, i.e. £15.00, please see Supply Details.

7 February 2005

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