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Gallery Page

Here are some examples of finished pages, complete with titling and ready for printing out. These were all produced with GenMap UK v1.0. Version 2 of the program allows a more extensive range of effects.

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First here are some portrait orientation pages:
Cunnington map Freemantle map
Distribution of Cunnington in England,
presented as a county floodfill map
A dot-distribution map based on Freemantle, zoomed into the Hampshire area
Hoad map Treadwell map
Distribution of Hoad, which occurs mainly in Sussex. The map image has been cropped so as to occupy only part of the page A floodfill map based on Treadwell
Cleveland map Meehan map
Distribution of Cleveland,
which occurs mainly in East Anglia
Distribution of Meehan in Ireland

Now some landscape pages:
Quelch map
Distribution of Quelch from the IGI,
occurring mainly in Berkshire and Oxfordshire
truscott map
The surname Truscott occurs mainly in Cornwall

7 February 2005

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