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Version History

If you already have a copy of LDS Companion (v2.00 or later), you can obtain the latest version at no extra charge - See the Upgrades page for details.


Here is the version history for LDS Companion, in reverse order:


(Apr 10): Help file converted to HTML format.


(Jun 09): IGI v5: (a) Program not dealing with burial events - these are rare and possible new; (b) Occasionally marriage events have no husband name; program was retaining husband detail from last record processed. Both problems fixed.


(Oct 05): (a) IGI v5 marriage entries: Not converting names of fathers of husband/wife, also not exporting subject's sex - both fixed; (b) US 1880 Census: improved support for all export files (Internet, CD, Clipboard); improved functionality such that now exports Race and birth states of parents (excluding national index files); previously not extracting father/mothers' birth state where no occupation present - fixed; now changes case of uppercase age suffixes ('M' etc) to make them consistent; birth state - increased string length from 8 to 20; (c) Other minor bugfixes associated with treatment of names containing initials and fullstops; (d) Where creating new version of a given output file, now tests for it already being in use by Windows, e.g. by Excel.


(Mar 04): (a) Downloaded IGI v5.0 Gedcoms Bugfix re. Ordinance information included in the download; Removed occasional truncation of place string (max=120 in Gedcom 5.5) (b) File-display: If stopped reading file early, had grid-index out of bounds - fixed; was crashing where print preview page count hits 1000 pages; navigation buttons now all disabled till file reading complete or stopped; Reading text files, adjusted the RowCount after reading (could be slightly out) (c) Field Names dialogue Bugfix if cancelled out of dialog - fixed. (d) Output File Structure parish register 'Dover' example wrong! (3-field option) (e) File Viewer Improvement: Displaying DBF/WK1/XLS files, improved column width detection; Display-progress dialogue: increased panel widths for filenames/types; added a thousands separator to the numbers when converting; left the input filename on-screen after conversion (only if one).


(Feb 04): (a) Bugfix re. Scottish 1881 files via clipboard, couldn't tag them.


(Mar 03): (a) New Functionality Increased File Viewer capacity from 64,000 to 250,000 records, and added navigation buttons.
(b) Minor Bugfixes- Closing piece number for Tewkesbury Registration District corrected from 2578 to 2580 (only affects auto-generation of Registration District names in British 1881 census conversions).
- Correction to 'Reading First .. Records ' message (previously said ‘16,000’).


(Jan 03): Bugfix re. certain source codes in IGI v5.0 files.


(Nov 02): (a) Bugfixes & Improvements - to cope with the latest on-line IGI ver 5.0: Wives being omitted in christening events (due to slash characters now being omitted from LDS Gedcoms); Download data no longer standardised, so added standardisation routines, i.e. surnames forced to capitals, all other data forced to mixed case; Wrong details in certain Death events - now fixed.
(b) Other Bugfixes - Context sensitive Help not working, now fixed; Gedcom export dialogue not displaying correctly on WinXP, now fixed; ‘Delete Log file’ option not working, now fixed.
(c) Additions to file conversion support - Scandinavia Vital Records Index on CD-Rom; Canadian 1881 census on CD-Rom; Internet versions of all current census products (British 1881, US 1880 & Canadian 1881).
(d) New Functionality - Right-clicking on a filename in the display already displayed a popup menu; Added ‘Tag File’ and ‘Rename file’ options.


(May 02): NEW VERSION - (a) now supports British Vital Records Index (BVRI) 2nd edition; (b) adds conversion support for Gedcom files from the various census products (including US 1880 Census) (c) adds support for more recent Vital Records Index CD's (Western Europe, Mexico); (d) Improved program interface with input & output file panes, input file sensing etc. (e) Higher-capacity and faster File Viewer, adding viewer for Rich Text File format (f) program now distributed on CD-Rom; (b) support for Win3.1 dropped, but long filename support added; (g) Formatted Text output format dropped


(Oct 00): Chapman county codes - added several Scottish synonyms & Channel Isles/Misc codes. Also catered for county spelling errors found in Scottish 1881 census.


(Jun 00): Fixed missing LDS Film No. - only affects Scottish 1881 census conversions from TXT files.


(May 00): Minor bugfix, re. saving Census Film No. selection to INI file.


(May 00)  NEW VERSION - (a) New output field options added, for census file conversions: Page, household reference number, household type, Source (FHL Film number); (b) 'Custodian' buttons added to IGI & Census configuration dialogues; (c) Fix for rare problem in RTF files, only affects 'Page No.' in Scottish 1881 census exports; (d) Minor bugfix with respect to saving report font selections to INI file.


(Mar 00): Improved support for Windows "large" screen fonts.


(Jan 00): Bugfixes re. IGI Gedcoms downloaded from on-line version of FamilySearch: (a) now processes all marriage source information;(b) now deals with "Abt." in IGI dates (trailing fullstop after Abt not-Gedcom 5.5 compliant); (c) Minor revision to placename processing. Also, minor bugfix re. rare 1881 census entries with v.long occupation string, and bugfix re. optional doubling-up of VRI marriages from RTF files.


(Jan 00): (a) Minor bugfix - re. age fields in parish register files. (b) Alteration to output of place information from certain VRI entries containing birth events (affects RTF export files only). (c) Program now deals with angle brackets in placenames from IGI Gedcom files downloaded from on-line version of FamilySearch.


(Nov 99): (a) Minor bugfix re. Source information in IGI Gedcoms from the on-line version of FamilySearch. (b) Census file AGE column now sorts chronologically in File Viewer (rather than alphabetically).


(Nov 99)  NEW VERSION - IGI/VRI Gedcom conversion algorithm completely re-written to accommodate Gedcom files downloaded from the on-line version of FamilySearch. Also adds the facility to convert large chunks of 1881 census data via the Windows clipboard.


(Oct 99): Minor bugfix re. first entry in certain British VRI Gedcoms.Bugfix re. rare entries in Rich Text VRI export files that include Bir event and place name, but no Chr event. (Equivalent VRI Gedcom files don't properly export these entries).


(Oct 99): Minor bugfix - re. 1851 Census export files with large institutions as first item.


(Oct 99): Bugfix - re. saving dBase III files with DBF date field from file viewer.


(Sep 99): Minor bugfix - re. London census county in 1881 Census National Index downloads.


(Aug 99): Minor bugfix - re. Census Gedcom export where Head is female.


(Jul 99): Minor bugfix - re. unoccupied buildings in downloads from "Neighbours" pane of 1881 Census.


(Jul 99): Initial release. Change of name reflects addition of conversions from Census and VRI products.

Here is an abbreviated version history for IGIREAD, the program from which LDS Companion was developed:


(Jun 99): Final release of IGIREAD: includes bugfix re. miscellaneous events & marriage source info. in Gedcom files from latest version of FamilySearch.


(Mar 99): Bugfix with respect to displaying DBF files created by DBFILTER; minor interface improvements; complete revision of the help file.


(Feb 99): Bugfix with respect to converting Gedcom files from Ordinance Index and Scottish Church Records; other minor bugfixes; change to dBase date fields; improvements to User Guide and Help file.


(Dec 98): First release of Windows version; adds support for British Vital Records Index Gedcoms, report printing, re-export to Gedcom etc.


(Jun 98): Final MS-DOS version: minor bugfix to handle rare Text entries containing apostrophe character.


(Mar 98): Workaround for occasional corrupt entries discovered in FamilySearch® GEDCOM 5.5 download files.


(Feb 98): Enhanced to deal with Text files from the 1997 upgrade to FamilySearch®, which may contain angle brackets in the following positions: <SMITH>, John (<M>)
The brackets refer to information that has been inferred, and earlier versions of IGIREAD will not deal with entries of this type.


(Nov 97): Upgrade, adds support for an extra output field containing the name of the input source file, useful for tracking a converted entry back to the file that contained it.


(Feb 97): Enhanced to deal with GEDCOM 5.5 files from FamilySearch® (menu option "PAF 3.0").


(Dec 96): Support added for Scottish Church Records downloads; Bugfix with respect to Source & LDS Ordinance information from certain marriage entries in GEDCOM downloads. RDFREAD utility added.


(Mar 96): Support added for SSDI GEDCOM files; wider choice of output fields; Improved file viewer; Support for IGI Text files generated by version 3.05 of FamilySearch®; Improved editing of file paths.


(Sep 95): First release of registered version; Adds direct Lotus1-2-3 output format; File Viewer; Wider choice of field definitions and sizes; Support for LDS Ordinance dates; Creation of a LOG file; On-screen progress information; Optional County and State abbreviations; Optional column titles in first row of ASCII/CSV options; Optional creation of duplicate marriage records; Optional output of a single event type only; Allows appending to an existing file (ASCII and CSV only). DBFILTER utility added.


(Mar 95): First release of Shareware version of IGIREAD, reviewed in the April 95 issue of UK's Family Tree magazine.


(1994-95): IGI Gedcom file conversion added. Beta-test versions.


(Nov 92-1993): Test version, designed to convert IGI Text files only.

April 2010

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